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Latest News

10/27/2014 - Got this video for you to cheer you up! Made this a while ago but never had chance to share it! Enjoy!

03/06/2012 - yes, I've been back to Colorado for a few month now!!! It is awesome, I love it and it loves me back!

09/22/2011 - Officially listed on a patent! https://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100171886

08/21/11 - Time to update my website! I am in Germany, getting masters degree in Embedded Computing Systems.

11/11/10 - What a binary day today!!!

10/25/10 - Open for contract job! Hire me today!

09/13/10 - Insight 2 Seminar was a lot of fun. Its time to step it up a bit. Thank you mom for supporting me!

08/18/10 - Finally back to Colorado! Solo Trip to Asia and apparently around the world is complete.

06/29/10 - Getting ready for Muztag Ata Expedition in Chineese Pamir Mountains

03/05/10 - Russia, here I come!

02/11/10 - Happy Valentine's Day! <3 to all of you!

12/17/09 - All done! Happy holidays everyone!

11/17/09 - Getting really close to finishing my grad school applications. I am excited to get admitted somewhere. ;)

10/02/09 - Finally, After several days and nights of work my website is fully operational!

09/02/09 - Thank you, everyone! My birthday was phenomenal, it would not be a birthday if I would not have you, my friends. Quarter century is only beginning, great things are coming ahead...

08/20/09 - Hooray! I am an American citizen now!